Monday, 30 September 2013

EOY Prep!

Guys, As you study tonight, review Formal Letters and Factual Reports for Paper 1!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Classwork for 28 August

Hi guys, I am on MC today. Please work in your groups for next week's performance task. Make sure that your article is well developed by this point and does not exceed 600 words (minimum 450). Remember it must be centered around a controversy and have well-established viewpoints from different points of view in your topic area. Also, as you develop your newscast, keep in mind the scoring rubric that will be used and make sure your work is developed around those specific criteria. Your newscast should be done like the last one, but this time only focuses on the one main story your group has chosen. Thanks and have a good Wednesday. Mr. Arrowood PS- If your group has finished (which I don't think is the case for most of you), then do Task 2 from the handouts I gave you yesterday.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Link for 15 August

Thursday, 25 July 2013

News Broadcast Project

In groups of 4 or 5, create a TV news broadcast. 

-Three anchors:
    -- Two for hard news
    -- One for soft news (choose one)

-One person in charge of video/graphics 


-Research a recent news story (local or international) and write a script of how you would present that story for a TV news broadcast. Your script should follow the guidelines we have discussed in the Features of a News Broadcast. In addition to the story itself, your script should include anything else you plan on saying (lead-in, sign-off, transitions) during the broadcast. You may use clips from YouTube of newscasts as inspiration.

Graphics person: 

-Create a Keynote with slides that you will show to supplement the anchors' stories. This means you will have to work with the anchors to decide what pictures, video clips (footage), and graphics you will use while they are reporting the stories. There should be at least one picture/background per story being reported.

The news broadcast must be at least 5 minutes in length and a maximum of 10 minutes

One person from each group must arrange for their group to be filmed while presenting. The news broad cast can also be pre-recorded if you have the time to complete this before class.

How long do we have?!

-You will have the rest of today's class period as well as all of tomorrow's class period to put together this presentation and rehearse it with your group. The presentations will occur the next lesson.