Thursday, 4 April 2013

Welch's Grape Juice - No wonder it tastes so good - Lim Yan Zheng

3 supporting claims
- Some juice drinks have a little bit of juice in them... and a lot of other... stuff. But not Welch's!
- 100% grape juice from real concord grapes
- Welch's concord grapes give a taste you can feel in your teeth

Vanish advertisement- Detergent alone cannot remove the stains, but with Vanish such a thing would never happen (Yun Shu)

Vanish Advertisement

Supporting Claims
- Vanish has 10 times more oxygen
- It removes stubborn stains that detergent alone can't

Shokubutsu Onsen Body Wash Commercial, 'Leave stress and worries behind' - Ian Kang

Main Claim: Using the body wash will leave stress and worries behind.

3 supporting details: Onsen minerals, Unoki Cyprus and a special blend in the body wash.

Vanish Expert Stain remover

Main claim: "Expert Stain remover"

Supporting claims:
- shows that the stain in the example was removed only when used with Vanish stain remove
- Fabric care expert said not all detergents were expert stain removers and Vanish is

L'Orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss - Super soft, super glossy - Isabella Yadi Nay Myo

Main claims: L'Orèal Paris Casting Crème Gloss claims to help people achieve rich shimmery hair colour 

- Super soft and super glossy hair after using it
- It does not contain ammonia
- Casting-ready hair

Colgate 360˚ Toothbrush-Cleans gum-Reuben Ang

3 Supporting Claims
-It can clean gums
-It can clean the tongue
-Can remove bacteria

L'oreal - Sulfate Free Smoothing System - Priya

Main claim: Sulfate Free Smoothing System

Supporting claims:
New standard of Smooth
Ever Sleek
Lasts for 48 minutes

Daum My People - A Real Messager That Does Free Calls - Eunice Chan

Main Claim: A Real Messager That Does Free Calls

3 supporting claims:
-A real messager that does free calls
- Everybody uses it
- You're going to regret if you don't talk

KobeVIISystem-Attack Strong-Lee Wen Feng

Main Claim: Attack Strong

Three supporting evidence:
-Ultra responsive
-Maximum support 
-Light weight stability

Dettol Complete Clean - Giving your surfaces a complete clean every time - Ong Gavin

Link to advertisement

Main claim:
-Giving your surfaces a complete clean every time.

3 Supporting Claims:
-Cuts grease and soap scum
-Cleans and disinfects
-Kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Mercurial Vapor IX-Engineered for Explosive Speed-Luke

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Youtube Link

Main Claim: "Engineered for Explosive Speed"

Supporting Claims
-It has "A new composite chassis and textured body"
-It was "Contoured for ultimate traction"
-"And control in all conditions"

Ribena Blueberry 1L Premium Singapore - 2 Superfruits in one, berry, berry powerful - Lim Jia Yi

Supporting claims
- 100% Vitamin C makes it right.
- 2 super fruits, 2 super friends
- Super Blackcurrant and Mighty Blueberry.

SK2 Facial Treatment Essence TVC- Facial Treatment Essence improves all 5 dimensions* of skin to crystal clear- Clemens Chua

*The five dimensions are Refined Texture, Firmness, Wrinkle Resilience, Spots control, Radience.

Link: SK2 Facial Treatment Essence TVC

The 3 Supporting Claims are:

1) I never though great skin could be mine, until i tried Sk2's Facial Treatment Essence.
2) I really feel my skin improving every day.
3) In just 14 days, my skin has never been better.

Kate Bosworth's First SKll Commercial- Everything you need is in this bottle - Marcus

Link to video

Supporting evidence:
1. Makes your skin radiant
2. Makes your skin Firm
3. Makes your skin smooth

Marcus Chan (10)

Dengue---Stop Dengue.Act Now.---Netraa

Dengue Advertisement

Main Claim-- Stop Dengue. Act Now.
Supporting Claims
1. Dengue has no favourites.
2. Get rid of stagnant water.
3. It is a threat to anyone.

Dove Shampoo - New Dove therapy system protects your hair where its needed most - Jason

3 supporting Details:

Its new formulated system protects the hair
The proof is beautifully smooth hair
Expert care for damaged hair

Advertisement SK2 Facial Treatment Essence- SK2 Facial Treatment Essence improves all five dimentions of skin for crystal clear results.-LimMingHui

Supporting claims:
- SK2 Facial Treatment Essence is the most awarded essence by beauty magazines around the world.
- Smooth ! Fair !
- I feel wonderful.

Kirei Kirei shampoo- Gentle on Skin, Bad on Bacteria- Nicholas Koh Zhen Haw

The supporting details are that it kills bad bacteria, it leaves the good bacteria and it is the number one brand in Japan.

Real Juice

Fresh, no preservative, with vitamins A, C, E.

Pilot G2 - Think in Ink - Minh Tri

3 Supporting Claims:
Smooth Gel Ink
12 Vibrant Colors available.
Comfortable Rubber Grip.