Monday, 13 May 2013

Martian VFW Lim Ming Hui

Listening Skills lesson 5: Listen to a story

The story you should be listening to is ‘Martian V.F.W.’ 
It is approximately 13min 30sec long. 
You are to fill up this chart. 
Listen to it again to make sure you have got the right information 

Setting the scene, introducing characters/ background information

Washington Square. 
One hundred and fifty ants, each other them at least 6 feet tall.
Parade VFW

The New York Parade marking the geophysical year was about to start.

Manager 200lb Mr Crethers, enthusiastic and great coordinator, organising marches, locating floats and placing floats in their proper orders, barking commands. 

4 million will watch the parade. 

The situation is developed/ more characters or information is introduced

Its head was a brilliant yellow. It had two large goggle eyes which rolled like itinerant marbles when it spoke. The low slung abdomen was a burnt brown. When the ant spoke its mouth didn’t move. 

Something happens to complicate the lives of characters/ conflict is introduced

"They didn't say anything to me about a bunch of clowns dressed up like ants!" Mr. Cruthers' indignation became intensified. He was loathe to admit that he'd been taken in by such obviously animated costumes. "Now look here, I'm a very busy man."
"The arrangements have been made, Mr. Cruthers. If my group is refused a place in this parade we shall file suit immediately. As manager you'll be named co-defendant." The ant was gentle but firm.

A decisive moment is reached. Matters come to a head. Suspense can be high

He was looking downtown, his eyes squinting, trying to make out figures as far away as Fifty-sixth Street. Then his mouth opened, not uttering a sound yet, just waiting to burst with joy at what was coming toward them

Ants appear

Matters are resolved and /or summed up. Some sort of satisfactory end is reached

His words came more slowly with each passing second, like a high speed phonograph playing at thirty-three and a third r.p.m. "Dad-dy—why—don't—you—an—swer—me—Da—ddy—why—don't—" His father never heard him.

400 people died
The martians have taken over the world.

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