Thursday, 28 February 2013

Interview with Mr Rellik (Eunice Chan)

1. Well, to be honest, I lied to the family about my car being broken down. You see, I'm actually a robber. What I do is hitch a ride and as soon as the car stops midway the journey, I kill the people and take away their money and whatever valuables.

2. I had a bit of problems in my plan as there was a kid sitting beside me. I think Jacob was his name. I was planning to kill him silently but I guess my plan failed.

3. They seemed like any ordinary family but I could see the mother did not like me at all.

4. He was pretty smart to have killed me. He was pretty sharp and alarm at all times. Who knew he was so brave? For a young boy like that, who knew he was brave enough to confront me like that?

5.He managed to push me out of the door with his legs. I was pretty shocked at his enormous strength and got thrown out within a few seconds. I got hit by a tractor trailer and got squashed.

6. I saw my body after the death. I was beyond disgusting. Well I felt that it was unfair to have such a horrible death and knowing that a young boy caused it hurts my pride.

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