Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Mr Rellik Lim Ming Hui

  1. I was out in the forest somewhere further down to the border, but my car broke down near Lowesoft that day and I didn’t have any money with me, so I couldn’t take the train to Ipswich. I managed to hitch a ride up till Southworld, where the driver of the car I last hitched a ride from told me this was the furthest he would go, since he was going to Norwich. It was ten miles away from the mental asylum, and it was cold and stormy. I saw headlights after about half an hour, that was when the  car appeared… it was a good thing that the driver let me hitch a ride but…
  2. Once I got into the car, I eased myself in the backseat. There was a boy, what was his name again? Jacob, oh yes. He was observing me. I didn’t know why, or what, or where, but his eyes were kept fixed on me. I felt a little uncomfortable, but when you’ve been treating this nicely, there’s really nothing much you could do to regret it. Who would allow any stranger to hitch a ride, 10 miles, oh that near to the mental asylum, anyway? Wouldn’t they have suspicions that I was a madman?

Anyway I asked if the family had been out for the day since it was so silent in the car. The father, the one behind the wheel, replied that they were. Then he asked if I knew of Southworld. Apparently they had suspicions of me breaking out from the mental asylum ten miles away? I didn’t live here, nor had I venture this far; this was my first time going into the forest, so I said ‘No.’

He asked where I came from, and I explained that my car broke down near Lowesoft. After that it was the usual get-to-know a stranger kind of chat, the ones about your name, the job, how your day was.
  1. Oh, the family? The dad was pretty nice, he was the only one who tried strike up a conversation most of the time. The mother, however, seemed like she didn’t like me here.
  2. The boy, he probably had suspicions about me. Kept staring at me. Don’t know what he was thinking but he probably suspected that I was a madman?
  3. The boy curled up in a corner with his shoulders pressed into the side of the car to give him leverage. Then, his legs shot out, pushing me against the car door. With my hands in my pocket, I couldn’t defend myself. So I was thrown out of the car, on the road.
  4. Yes, I did. It was spread out over the whole road of A12. I guess in life, there’s always an end, whether it was supposed to go earlier, or later, it still ends no matter what.

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