Thursday, 28 February 2013

Interview with Mr. Rellik (Thurga Kalaichelvan)


Interviewer: Good Morning Mr. Rellik! How are you today?Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you. Do you mind us telling why you were hitching a ride on that fateful day?

Ian Rellik: My car had broken down. I was heading to Ipswich. There were no cars on the road so I decided to hitchhike as far as I could.

Interviewer: What happened when you boarded the car?

Ian Rellik: I tried to be friendly but the boy named Jacob seemed to be suspicious of me. It was perhaps of my looks. He saw that I had mud on my hand. He might have mistook it for blood due to the darkness.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the family who gave you a ride?

Ian Rellik:  I found them quite friendly. However, I think they did not like to have hitchhiker in their car in pitch black darkness where they could barely see my face.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the boy who was sitting at the back of the car? What makes you say so?

Ian Rellik: I found him acting weirdly. It was perhaps due to my clothes and actions. He was really frightened of me. Everytime I say something to him, he stares at me as if I gave him a dead threat. I think he misheard me.

Interviewer: How did the boy attack you and what happened after that?

Ian Rellik: He first yelled out. Then, he used his feet and attacked me. I was thrown out of the car. The catch must have been spoilt. I was in the air, then "BAAM!" Something hit me and everything turned black.

Interviewer: Did you see your own body after the death? How do you feel about your unfortunate death?

Ian Rellik: Yes, I did. Various body parts were strewn in different places. I feel very saddened. To die in such a young age, a pity I would say.

(The video will be posted at school as I have problems posting it at home)

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