Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Mr Rellik (Lim Jia Yi)

Interview with Ian Rellik

1. My car had broken down in Lowestoft and I had already spent all my money. I could not take the train to Ipswich and therefore I hitched a ride from Lowestoft to Southwold. It was already raining heavily and the previous driver could only hitch me a ride to Southwold at most. I was drenched and was glad when I saw a car driving on the A12. The driver stopped to let me hitch a ride.

2. I talked to the family of three and had a little chat. I wished the boy a happy birthday. However, the boy, Jacob kept on looking at me and he also seemed really scared of me. Well it could have been because I had hitched a ride 10 miles away from the asylum, he must have thought I was a madman! I felt that he was uncomfortable sitting with me so I gave him nods and smiles whenever he looked at me. I was just trying to tell him that I'm friendly.

3. Well, my impression of the father was that he was a friendly guy, he started conversations with me. His wife, however, seemed a little unfriendly. She looked uneasy during the ride and rarely talked to me. The boy, Jacob, oh he kept staring at me. Am I really that scary? I don't know.

4. To be honest, I think that Jacob is a little crazy. Well he watches over everything I do. I have no idea what he is thinking. He just keeps looking at me like I was a criminal. Boy was I scared.

5. I saw the boy curl up in the corner of the car, with his shoulder pressed against the side of the car to give him leverage. And suddenly, his legs shot out. One of his legs hit my shoulder and the other hit just above my waist. I had my hands in my jacket at that time and could not defend myself. That's it, I just flew out of the car and died.

6. Oh yes I did. It was spread over the A12. It was scary, my life just ended like that. I felt that it was really unfair, I did not mean any harm. I just wanted a ride.

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