Friday, 12 July 2013

3 Ethical Dilemmas That Journalist Face- Reuben Ang


Offending or distasteful content
The purpose of being a journalist is to report news and share it with the world. If a journalist discloses information that is deemed offending or distasteful, how would the offended party or person feel? If somebody does not know anything or does not have any background information about the news that he is watching, that person might have a bad impression of the offended person and might make some wrong judgement.

Invasion of privacy
Well, there definitely is a line between invading somebody’s privacy and interview people or witnesses. They are humans too. They need some privacy, some time to rest with the comfort of being alone. Singers are a good example. As obvious as it seems, singing is their job. It is definitely a very tiresome one. When journalists keep going to them and question them about their profession, they won’t get their rest period. They have family and friends to they have to spent time with too, just like you and I.

Commitment to accuracy
The task and purpose of being a journalist is to relate facts to the public or audience. If the information that the journalist report is not true, what is the purpose of following the news? Usually, journalist report false information because they want to make the news sound interesting and exciting so more people will buy their news and as a result, earn more money.

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