Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ethical Dilemmas Podcast (Yun Shu)

My notes:

THREE of the Seven Ethical Dilemmas of journalism
-being unfair and prejudiced.
-journalists should not have favoritism towards a certain party.

For example, i’m a journalist writing for a fashion magazine. I personally like a certain brand, so i praise their goods and hardly mention about the others. even if i do, i won’t praise them as much as the brand i like.

that is what i feel is a possible scenario.

Invasion of privacy

-something like taking a  photo or recording in the person’s personal space, house etc.
-but on the other hand if the person did it in public and it was recorded, it is not really considered invasion of privacy as it was not taken in their personal space. but it is not very moral to do so.

for example, if i’m a reporter reporting about a rumor that a famous actor is dating an unknown person, just to get a bigger scoop, I go to the actor’s house and install hidden cameras at the windows and take photos and videos of what is going on in the house. then with the information i got, i publish an article revealing who is the person.

-using other people’s work and naming it your own

For example, i’m a journalist writing for a science magazine. One of the topics i cover is on the recent haze. because i can hardly find any information on haze, like what are the components in the haze etc. i use another book’s information in my article. I re-write it using the exact information just that i change a bit of the grammar, but majority of the information was from the book. then i sign off as myself without crediting the author of the book.
That was an example of plagiarism and it is illegal to do so, the owner may sue the other party.

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