Friday, 12 July 2013

Three Ethical Dilemmas Journalists face

Hello, i am Jason Low from S2-05 and today i will be talking about three ethical dilemmas that journalists would face.

Firstly, i would to say that this is purely my opinion and it might be wrong.

The three ethical dilemmas that i will be talking about today is Invasion of privacy, Conflict of interest and Bias.

Invasion of privacy is where a journalist would say peep through the windows of a celebrity's house just to take a few shots of the person. On the other hand, if a celebrity went to the beach and was showing more skin than usual, that isn't an invasion of privacy as the beach is a public place where anyone can go. The celebrity may request that the photos be deleted as it does not show the person in a good manner, but the option of deleting the photos would be left up to the journalist.

Conflict of interest is when a journalist would change details about the story without affecting the main point of it. An example would be if a journalist was asked to cover a story about a certain company in the the stock market that was recently losing money, and that reporter is heavily invested in a the company’s stock, it might change how he/she writes about the company.

Lastly bias, one example would be in the case where a journalist was asked to cover a story about two different companies but he/she might favorite one more than the other, this would affect the story. Thank you!

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