Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seven Ethical Dilemmas Journalists Face - Jason

I find that as a journalist, the worst dilemma would be conflict of interest as it would be hard to separate the writer's own feelings and what the truth is. An example would be if a journalist was asked to cover a story about a certain company in the the stock market that was recently losing money, and that reporter is heavily invested in a the company’s stock, it might change how he/she writes about the company. Even if it doesn’t affect the story. Whats more, if the readers discovers about it, it could raise doubts about anything else he/she wrote in that area. Currently, newspaper and magazines companies have been trying to reduce such issues and certain journalists would also go to the extreme of not voting in the presidential elections, just for the sake of avoiding a conflict of interest if he/she is making a report about it.

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