Friday, 19 July 2013

Minh Tri, Ming Hui, Thurga. Presentation.

We are journalists writing about the taxi driver that returned 70k to the owner. We believe this type of news is soft news, but it is a bit closer to soft news. It can be soft news as this would usually be more related to the taxi driver’s feelings and why did he return the money. It would be more of soft news as it goes to a personal level. It is more of an ethical issue and usually be linked to his reasons why he returned the 70k. It is not a hard news as it is not to the point, not mainly about giving data and precisely explain what happened. 
  • Our journal is about taxi driver returning 70k. to owner. 
  • Soft news 
  • Relate to driver’s feelings
  • Personal
  • Ethical issue. It is not a hard news. Cause it is not mainly about saying how much the driver returned, not straight to the point, but it goes really really deep.
We would develop the story by describing the story briefly and explain the situation. Then, I would interview the parties involved in the incident. I would ask questions related to feelings, emotions and thoughts. For example, I would ask the taxi driver, how did you feel when you found the money? I would try to ask all the persons involved, if possible. 
  • Describe briefly then explain.
  • Interview ALL parties involved.
  • Ask question related to emotions and thoughts, feelings.
  • Examples
For verification of facts, I would record the interview, either by audio or video and try to ask the person involved directly and not through secondary or tertiary sources. Our method of getting information would be mainly interviewing first person or referring to the pictures taken from news articles. I could try to take photos from other professional journalists and of course, I have to credit them for their photos. However, these things would be the last resort and should be used the last. We should try to get information on our own first before using others.

  •  Record interview audio or video
  • Ask directly, first person.
  • Try Primary Sources.
  • Take from other journalist. Of course must reference, credit.
  • Use your own information first.

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