Thursday, 11 July 2013

Three of Seven Dilemmas Journalists Face

Three of Seven Ethical Dilemma Journalists Face 

The first is conflict of interest. 
It is doing anything that might compromise objectivity in the reporting of truth.

A student journalist interviewing only his friends from the same class instead of other classes or levels. 

The second is invasion of privacy.
Reporters must consider the consequences of publishing the  outstanding news value photo or naming someone in an article. 

Posting videos of a celebrity without asking their permission. A celebrity is rumored to be going to secluded places for unknown reasons. Journalists should not hide cameras at suspected places. 

The third is commitment to accuracy. 
Journalists should not be careless in their work as it may affect people’s reputation. The rush to be first, prized today and available to anyone now with the Internet, is not justification for not checking out data, informations and sources.


A journalist writes that Brand K instant noodles has some kind of toxic added but it was actually Brand U instant noodles instead. 

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