Friday, 12 July 2013

Ethical Dilemms Podcast (PriyA)

Script for English Journalism

Conflict of Interest

Plagarism is something like stealing. You take the work of another person and take the credits for yourself. This is definitely not the right thing to do because the person who took so much of trouble ends up not getting credited for what he did.
For example: If someone goes to Egypt to take a picture for a particular newspaper exclusively. Then another person uses the picture and says that they took it by themself. Then the person who risked his life ends up not getting the credit for what he did.

Conflict of Interest is basically something like favouring someone. So for example when we are tasked to interview someone who we know, we might actually end up writing a story by favouritizing them. We should ensure that that does not happen

Bais. For example if a reporter is the supporter of a particular political party then the other parties would end up being in a disadvantage because the reporter would be able to so- called brain wash its readers.

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