Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seven Ethical Dilemmas Journalists Face - Eunice

I feel that the most severe ethical dilemma is offending or distasteful content. As a journalist, sometimes it seems impossible to run a story without offending, insulting or displeasing someone however there are still moments when journalists must learn to not cross the line. Journalist have the responsibility to know how to present their information to the public in a professional, polite way which will enable all members of the public to read it without taking any offense by the remarks made. Even the smallest offensive remarks presented by the journalist can be a mountain out of a molehill as members of the public are usually quite sensitive over some topics. For example, religion. No matter how minor the insult or offense is, it can cause a huge argument which may escalate into a larger scale. Unwanted and maybe unnecessary problems will stir up thus creating a huge burden not only to the journalist himself/herself but also the company and the people around them. 

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