Sunday, 3 March 2013

Interview with Ian Rellik (Netraa)

Interviewer: Good Morning Mr Rellik! How are you today? Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you.

Interviewer: Do you mind telling us why you were hitching a ride on that fateful day?

Ian Rellik: I am a gardener and I am working outside Lowesoft. As I was returning back home, my car broke down and I managed to hitchhike as far as Southworld. That was where I saw that car.

Interviewer: What happened when you boarded the car?

Ian Rellik: I was sitting beside the boy named as Jacob. His father asked me where did I come from and I started explaining about what happened. His mother asked my name and I told my name was Ian Rellik. She also told me that it was Jacob's birthday so I wished him.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the family who gave you a ride?

Ian Rellik: My impression was that they were kind to give me a ride. I was grateful to them.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the boy who was sitting at the back of the car? What makes you say so?

Ian Rellik: At first, I thought he was a quiet boy. But as the drive went on, I realised that he was suspecting me about something I did not do. I knew that something was wrong with him.

Interviewer: How did the boy attack you and what happened after that?

Ian Rellik: The boy shot out his legs and slammed into me, one on my shoulder and other just above my waist. I was thrown against the opposite door. After that, I hit the road in a spinning, splattering somersault. Then a tractor trailer came on the other way and I fell under its front wheels.

Interviewer: Did you see your own body after the death? How did you feel about your unfortunate death?

Ian Rellik: After I became a spirit, I saw my own body. It was awful. I felt regretful for getting into their car. It was just a bad day. I feel sad for my family.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time.

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