Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Interview With Ian Rellik (Marcus Chan)

Interviewer: Good morning Mr Rellik! How are you today? Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you.
Do you mind telling us why you were hitching a ride in that fateful day?

Ian Rellik: It was my day off and I went to visit my buddy Greg. I also went to pick up some supplies for the garden before my car broke down.

Interviewer: What happened when you boarded the car?

Ian Rellik: Jacob the bou seemed to be very wary and suspicious of me but Mr Fisher on the other hand was cheerful and welcoming and asked me numerous questions about myself.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the family who gave you a ride?

Ian Rellik: The family was a nice one as they bothered enough to pick me up. They were also welcoming except for Jacob.

Interviewer: What was you impression of the boy who was sitting at the back of the car? What makes you say so?

Ian Rellik: He seemed apprehensive of talking, greeting or even looking at me. I felt he must've been pretty anti-social.

Interviewer: How did the boy attack you and what happened after that?

Ian Rellik: At first, I noticed him shifting in his seat but dismissed it as nothing. Then, he suddenly pounced and pushed me out of the car. I felt airless for a moment, then sharp piercing pain, a shadow, then darkness.

Interviewer: Did you see your own body after the death? How do you feel about your unfortunate death?

Ian Rellik: Thank you very much for your time.


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