Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Interview with Jacob ( Wen Feng & Jia Yi)

Interviewer : Good morning Mr Jacob! How are you today? Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you.

Interviewer : Do you mind telling us what happened that day? We understand that the Mr Rellik was trying to hitch a ride from your family. Were you for the idea and why?
Jacob : On that day, my parents brought me out to celebrate my 15th birthday. We had lots of fun and was on the way back when it started raining very heavily. We saw Mr Rellik and he wanted to hitch a ride. My father let him. But I objected!! I did not want him to hitch a ride!!!

Interviewer : What was your first impression of the hitchhiker, Mr Rellik?
Jacob : The hitchhiker is scary. He has unusually long fingers and also blood on his hand. He said that he was going to kill me. Well, he didn't say it but he mouthed it. He also took note of my every move. I think that he escaped from the asylum.

Interviewer : Why did you attack Mr Rellik in the end?
Jacob : He was going to kill my family. He had a knife in his jacket. He was holding onto it. I had to save my family, so I attacked him. I saved my family, I succeeded!!

Interviewer : What happened after you attacked Mr Rellik?
Jacob : Mr Rellik flew out of the car. He hit the road in a spinning, splattering somersault. A tractor trailer had been coming the other way and Mr Rellik's body got squashed under the wheels.

Interviewer : What did the people here in Fairfields tell you about Mr Rellik?
Jacob : Of course I don't believe them. Nobody can. They are just a bunch of liars!! They tried to make me believe that I was the one that pushed my brother onto the train tracks. They told me that his name was Ian Renwick, not Rellik. And they also told me that Mr Rellik was a gardener, the blood I saw on his hand was actually mud. They also said that it was a cigarette case Mr Rellik was holding, not a knife. IT'S ALL LIES!! You can't trust them!

Interviewer : Could you tell us more about your brother Eddy?
Jacob : Eddy was a really nice brother. He is so caring and kind. He helps me whenever I have problems. However, he bullies me sometimes, like all older brothers do to their brothers. I miss him a lot. It was a pity he died young.

Interviewer : Thank you very much for your time.

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