Monday, 4 March 2013

Interview with Ian Rellik

Nguyen Minh Tri

Interviewer: Good Morning Mr Rellik! How are you today? Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you.
Interviewer: Do you mind telling us why you were hitching a ride on that fateful day?

Ian Rellik: I’m already dead, so why bother? Honestly, I suddenly had an intent to kill after killing a guard. It has been a while since I killed people. Also, I wanted to hijack the car and get the car.

Interviewer: What happened when you boarded the car?
Ian Rellik: I felt a strange atmosphere. It was kinda weird. Anyways, they treated me well, so no matter. As long as they don’t know about me.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the family who gave you a ride?
Ian Rellik: As I said, there was a strange atmosphere in the family, like they were communicating telepathically, however, I think they are arguing about letting me take the ride or not. Simply put, they weren’t agreeing with one another.

Interviewer: What was your impression of the boy who was sitting at the back of the car? What makes you say so?
Ian Rellik: I think he knows. He was staring at me from the moment I entered the car. He’s smart.

Interviewer: How did the boy attack you and what happened after that?
Ian Rellik: I guess I was just unlucky. The door was loose, he pushed me hard and i fell out. And slam hard onto the rocky ground. I became this form after that.

Interviewer: Did you see your own body after the death? How do you feel about your unfortunate death?
Ian Rellik: No, I saw my parts of my own body, like minced meat. My limbs, head flew in all directions. It kinda saddens me seeing my body in that state. I guess Jacob was smart, outsmarted me. I think I’d been living in the darkness for too long, I wanted to die anyway, I wouldn’t call it unfortunate actually.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time.

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